Facebook LIVE Sessions on Monday and Thursday on RELATIONSHIPS …  on October 7th, 11th and 14th at 6.30 pm on FB LIVE. 

Our NEXT Session…

Thu. 7th Oct. 2021 – 6.30 pm to 6.37 pm. 

Your Relationships create your Legacy

Invite your colleagues, friends and family.

Lets enable and enhance Colleagues and Family/Friends using the 


Ian Faria on how to BUILD and ENHANCE your SELF BELIEF!

See the Video and poster above. The link will be alive one hour before the event. However, you could ensure that you get the notification and get a reminder for the session by going to our SOLUTIONZ page on FB and hitting the LIKE Button. 

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IAN FARIA's new programme on MIND KONTROL



WEBINARS are a great way for you to learn, grow and evolve from wherever you are…

Whether you need to Boost your CONFIDENCE, polish up your PUBLIC SPEAKING, or learn to MANAGE PEOPLE,,,  or you wish to be an impactful LEADER… we have a wide array of interactive and dynamic programmes that will EMPOWER YOU

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  1. To keep You motivated and to help you evolve. Our programmes are focused on achieving quick outcomes, which are easy to achieve. A professional who is properly trained and coached, is a boon to any organization.
  2. With our online or Virtual Training and Coaching Sessions we are ready to give our clients what they need – Effective TRANSFORMATION. 
  3. Counselling over a phone call or a Video Conference Call.

Isn’t it time for you to….

Transform your life too? 

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We work all our programmes from our Client’s Viewpoint. This gives them control over the specific outcomes they need.  Our existing clients have worked with us for years and they keep coming back to us, because we deliver results  that surpasses their expectations. It all starts with a deep understanding of the Client and their work, coupled with their needs and their situation. We have over 24 years of experience in transforming lives.

Lets have a frank and forthright discussion on how we can enable and empower your teams. 

We will get you …

The results you desire. 

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We have the SOLUTIONZ you Need!

Sandhya Chandran


Public Speaking

Interpersonal Communication

Self Confidence 

Giving and Receiving Feedback


A programme to get teams to sort out differences, and work towards a team goal. 


Asking Better Questions

Having Crucial Conversations

Resolving Differences

Handling Stress

COACHING - Managers

Managers need a fair amount of coaching, as they perform a job that is crucial to every organization. Having a coach to help them along the way is invaluable to the success of the Team and the Org. 

Kavitha Garla


We are social animals that need to connect. But… no one tells us how. This programme will give you the hacks to establish new connections and maintain them too. 


Human Beings are like magnets. We draw others to us. But some are stronger magnets than others. How do we build our power to get noticed and become a strong human magnet? Your executive presence will grow from this programme. 

COACHING - Managers

Mangers need to be hand held through the difficult phases of their careers. The Coaching for Managers will give them the insights and guidance that they require. 

Ian Faria


Leaders need to learn the finer points of the game of Influencing and Impacting others. This programme shows leaders how to build their ability to Vision, and their ability to reinforce Mission. It is the only programme of its kind for Leaders who want to create Massive Impact in their organisations and beyond. 


The Brain is our most important organ. It is with us from before we were born, till shortly after death. It keeps us sane. It make us thrive and it can also break us. Knowing exactly how it works, and how to tap into its amazing powers is the purpose of this Inspiring Programme. 


Ian Is one of India’s earliest and most experienced Coaches. Being coached by him is a Life enhancing experience like no other. Are you ready to take your life and your career to a totally new level?