Mission & Vision


  • To create more Empowered and Empathetic Leaders and
  • To create more Effective and Efficient Managers for India. 


  • To Enable, Empower and Create the Highest Quality Leaders for INDIA.
  • To make INDIA #1. 


First Time Manager

Ever Manager moves from being an individual contributor into a managerial role.

We have this programme in 3 parts: 

1. First Time Manager

2. Senior Manager

3. Manager becoming Leader

Crucial Conversations

We often have differences with others in a team. Unless those differences are sorted out, the team suffers. This programme deals with a lot of communication issues that teams face. 

Resolving Differences between Leader and Team

Sometimes the issues in a team involve the entire team. Sometimes the issues lie with the manager. Either way, the sooner they are sorted the better. 


Communication Skills for Managers

Managers encounter different issues as they rise up the corporate ladder. Each level of Manager has to learn new skills, and develop new abilities. Communication is a skill that we use every day. This programme addresses the communication needs of managers at different levels. 

We are determined to improve the teams and the Companies we are connected to.