• Your Communication skills can make you or break you. 
  • Technical Skills will get you a job, only when you can clearly communicate your abilities. 
  • Communication Skills are an integral part of PEOPLE SKILLS.
  • When you can communicate better – you will DO BETTER.

Can Communication skills be learned?

Yes. PEP TALK is an effective programme that develops essential communication skills through a classic, tried and tested process. This is by far the MOST COMPREHENSIVE PROGRAMME for EFFECTIVE ORAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS in the country. It consists of the following two modules:

  • WORKSHOP – 2 x 7 hours
  • BOOTCAMP – 1 x 5 hours – to fine tune your skills and plug any gaps, followed by
  • Examination 1 x 2 hours – to map and rate your skills

You will learn



  The formula for a Crystal Clear Message

  11 ways to create Impact

  3 Essentials of Effective Communication

  5 Keys to Confidence and Stature

  Exploiting your inherent speaking quality

  7 Critical Elements of an Effective Speech

  Basics of Impromptu Speaking

  9 Secrets of Impressive Impromptu    Speaking

  How to read people and How to share    Feedback


  • Theory through dynamic presentations
  • Imbibing learning – through doing
  • Feedback from peers
  • Video feedback & success tips from the facilitator
  • Polish listening & evaluating skills
  • One-on-one coaching to develop your style statement
  • Prepare and Deliver 4 speeches

How You Gain

  • Interact and learn in a motivating environment
  • Imbibe skills through a practical workshop format
  • Benchmark yourself against peers
  • Learn essential communication skills that you need
  • Tap the power of collective intelligence
  • Enable self through positivity and self belief

How to ensure that the learning is retained/improved?

  • Take the one month challenge to develop New Habits
  • Sign up for Personalized Coaching (optional and changed separately)
  • Join the PEP TALK FORUM (only available to those who are PEP TALKERS)