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Ian Faria is the Master Coach who is adept at guiding and motivating leaders to find and manifest their greatness. He has had over 35 years of experience – serving on numerous organizations, and committees, many of which he served as president. He has even led the Toastmasters Movement in India from 3 clubs to over 50 when he handed over the district to his successor.

 His leadership capabilities, coupled with his business acumen and his communication skills make him a rare gem in the much sought after treasure chest of power coaches. He has successfully guided a few hundred people over the last 16 years, and is widely recognized as one of India’s most experienced and successful coaches and trainers.

Ian believes in growing other coaches, whom he trains, to propagate this amazing Evolution of Leadership. Are you ready to play the game at the NEXT LEVEL?

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Xtreme Power Coaching – XPC

Xtreme Power Coaching

Our newest offering to the world is POWER VIRTUAL COACHING. Where Work from Home (WFH) is the new normal, we too found it useful to conduct most of our sessions online. Our coaching is now in short power packed sessions, or 30 minute duration, that are more focused, more efficacious… and easier on the pocket. We have also decided to make permit 5 x 30 minute sessions as a part of our new POWER VIRTUAL COACHING package. 

We are even launching our Xtreme Power Coaching Sessions… 15 minutes … focused… driven… This is not for people who are faint hearted… but for people who INTEND to make huge strides. Details will be given in person… when you visit our office.

The main benefits are: Laser Focused Sessions Email support (again short and focused… one question at a time) Cost effective Weekly Newsletters and Tips for all XPC’s (Xtreme Power coachees) Monthly open house sessions. Lots more info coming up soon. Time to rock our world.

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