We have been Counselling people for over 36 years. We understand the depths and the power of the mind, and how it can be strong… or weak. We would be happy to counsel or coach you. Counselling is to get you out of your PAIN, or to sort out your PERSONAL and RELATIONAL ISSUES. While COACHING is to take you to a higher level, or to enable you to acquire new skills


We will use our vast experience and our exceptional track record in enhancing lives of individuals and couples, to help you with your life. Irrespective of whether you need advice on your Career Path, your issues with your spouse, or your ability to understand and handle yourself, or your substance issues, we would be happy to have a frank discussion with you and create a plan to help you build your NEXT LEVEL

Personal, Professional, Behavioural, or Social

The mind is extremely strong… and yet… it can be abysmally weak. We know how it functions and we can help you understand yourself, and your relationships. Do feel free to call us for a free 15 minute consultation. 

Whether your situation looks bleak or it is foggy, it does help to get the help of someone who understands the dark side of the mind, and how to get it to see the light again.