Relationships are important


Relationships play an important role in Life. The mental balance of a Manager or a Leader, is directly or indirectly connected to the state of the relationships at Home.

The problems of the Corporate and Business Worlds are challenging enough. When personal relationship problems are added to this mix, the pressure becomes overwhelming. We offer Marriage counselling as totally confidential service, that becomes a huge blessing for those who need the help. 

We are, after all, emotional entities, and unless our relationships are managed well, we will find ourselves at the deep end of the abyss. 

Getting this portion of our life sorted is essential to our wellbeing whether we are doing business… or leading others in the Professional World. 

Let’s help you build an Amazing Relationship!


OUR RELATIONSHIPS – Make us or Break us.





The central point of our existence is the FAMILY. A family is built up of numerous relationships. The most important relationship is the one between Husband and Wife. Without this, the relationship with the children suffer. 

The next most important relationship is between the Parents and the Children. Parents work hard to provide the best for the family, and their greatest reward is when their children do well in their academics and they build up their future. 

We cover both the relationships through our Counselling sessions for Couples (Marriage Counselling) and our Parent/child sessions. 

Incidentally, the office family too requires counselling sessions when things do not go well at the office. We call this peer-to-peer counselling or Boss/Subordinate Counselling. We are social animals, and how we handle our relationships can either make us… or break us. 

Call us for a Discussion. We would be happy to enhance your important relationships.


Ian Faria has been a counsellor for over 36 years. He has worked with over 3000 couples, and has even saved marriages that were already in court. His record with sorting parenting issues has also been outstanding because of his ability to read the key underlying issues and suggesting great ways to overcome the issues in a short span of time. 

We need to resolve issues

The sooner we get rid of the irritants between team members, the faster the team can run. 

Collaboration is King

We need to work together with a common purpose. This collaboration builds the foundation for SUCCESS!

Together everyone WINS!

When we build each other up. We build ourselves more. Success is not a solo game. It is a TEAM EFFORT!


Clients feedback

Now I am stress-free

The counselling session changed my life perspective, both on the personal level and on the professional too. They should teach this in schools. 

I wish someone had taught me this earlier.

Mohan K.B. Database Manager, 

Depression is a Choice

All my life I thought that it was ok to be angry and to blame others. That was how my family behaved too. Now I know that I had apparently chosen to be that way, and that was not real, but imagined. What a difference perception makes. Wow. 

Ishaq M, Programme Coordinator.

I have renewed energy

Understanding my boss, enhanced my energy at Work. Now I work harder and feel better. I did not know that the universe corrects us through pain. Now I am in a much happier place. 

Rashmi N, Quality Control Manager. 

My boss is now my friend

I think that most of our problems are not real, but, imagined. The amount of time we spend on worrying about insignificant issues is enormous. I am glad I learnt from Ian Faria, that we are responsible for the quality of our LIFE. My life is now so much better. My boss and I are more like friends with a common goal, than professionals with doubts and apprehensions. 

Rajesh P.R., Quality Control Manager. 

Transformational Experience

I never thought I required Counselling. But, when a close friend of mine suggested it, I thought – lets try it out.. what have I to lose? I not only saved my marriage, now my wife is expecting, and we are the happiest couple in town. 

Neeraj, Sr. Manager, Sales n Marketing. 

I now have my dream job

Having changed 6 jobs in 3 years, and spending 6 months not being able to close 8 job interviews, I realised that my track record was my biggest enemy. More than that, I realised the problem was not with the companies I resigned from. The problem was in me. Luckily I heard Ian Faria speaking on the Mind, and one session of 1 hour with him changed my life. Everyone should have a guide like him. 

Tejasvi, Content Writer and Web Designer.