Less than 1% of people Speak Well in Public!

Public Speaking is one of the most important skills for Managers and Leaders. Motivation and Influencing Skills are an intrinsic part of getting people to do things. Without these complimentary skills, your growth and progress on a Leadership Ladder take a beating.

Call us and we will help you build these skills!

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HOW YOU CAN GAIN from the PEP TALK session

  1. Enhance Confidence 

  2. Format an Effective Message

  3. Deliver it Impressively

  4. Use Body Language & Voice Modulation

  5. Leverage Power Words

  6. Be interactive in Meetings

PEP TALK Webinar Session in progress 

Sandhya Chandran, Master Trainer

Sandhya Chandran - FaCILITATOR - PEP TALK

PEP TALK – Public Speaking

A practical 4 session Webinar in 2 parts, to install confidence and effective communication skills, including Public Speaking and Speaking at Meetings/Webinars. This session is conducted by Sandhya Chandran, who has successfully run this programme for over 6 years. 

Get on Stage and Speak Impressively!


Ian Faria - MASTER TRAINER - Pro talk & Leader Speak


  • Plan your Career Path
  • Manage your journey towards your Goals.
  • Create your roadmap.
  • Work towards your Dreams

The biggest advantage is that you will be working with an experienced Coach who will enable, empower and enhance your Leadership over (20 x 1/2 Hr) Sessions. 

Communicate Better

Nothing succeeds like Success. Nothing gets you up the Corporate Ladder better than communicating powerfully to Impress and impact others. 


Those who are comfortable and effective speaking in public, are invariably seen to be BETTER MANAGERS and more IMPACTFUL LEADERS. 

Whether you speak in Public, over a conference call, or at a meeting, you are always creating an impression and altering your Brand. You can be your own biggest PR Agent, if you know what to do. 

Your Brand is built on how you come across to the people who matter. Without the ability to communicate impressively, you will have a challenge to grow in the corporate world. 

Your Public Image is what works for you even beyond the confines of your company. How well you build this, will drive your Mass Appeal and your Social Impact on the Community at Large. 

We build your Brand,

so YOU can reach Higher, Faster!

Your plan is made by YOU! Your Brand is built by US!