Success by Choice

One of my earliest memories about succeeding came when I was in school. I was in the 9th standard, and I remember sitting on one of the benches in the shade of a flowering Gulmohar tree and thinking…

What would change me from someone who wanted to avoid social interaction to a person who could be CONFIDENT and SUCCESSFUL?

Was success rationed to only A CHOSEN FEW??  Or was it everyone’s BIRTHRIGHT?

Why was I even contmplating the path to success?

The answer just popped into my head…

I was through with being average. I needed to be on a mission to Be the Best. That is one decision that changed the course of destiny for me. In fact it DEFINED my destiny.

I was not sure where I  would reach. I knew that I would not win every competition, but I would surely participate in every competition, and i would definitely TRY to WIN every one of them.

Would this make me SUCCESSFUL?

Maybe… maybe not… but I knew for sure… Success or no Success…  this would make me SIGNIFICANT. 

Looking back, that was one.of life’s Defining Moments for me. Many years after that defining moment, I stumbled upon these lines in a book by Tony Robbins titled ..  Awaken the Giant Within… 

It is in the moments of your decisions that your destiny is shaped.

As a 14 year old, I was not aware of that philosophy, but nevertheless, it worked for me.

What decision do you need to take?

WHEN will you DECIDE???


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